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Home of my original 'Space Saga' story.
all original pics on this site are the kind work of Scylla and KuraFire

Welcome to Explorien Central Command, which is where I put my original writings for inspection by whoever stumbles into this place, but mainly I am showcasing my 'Space Saga' the epic sci-fi fantasy story. Please read it! I also have a few other interesting things here, such as Pokemon and RPG subsites, plus more. Contact me! Please! I hope you enjoy your visit, and that you stay awhile. A very long while.... *evil laugh*

What's new? Well, this update! I finnaly got off my lazy, uh, butt, and updated my site! Basically, I have put up a few new chapters, and updated the message board. I also have some snazzy new images. That's prolly it. If i missed anything, do say so. Just talk to the computer scren! In fact, I dare you!

Part One- The Beginning

Part One introduces most of the main characters, and begins to introduce the main concept, which I bet isn't what you may think! Sadly, I wrote most of it 4 years ago, when I was 12. The first 5 chapters are so pathetic I have a MiSTing of it, maybe not in this update but within a short time.

Part Two- The Hunt

Part Two is about the Hunt for (can't say) by (Not telling). I a lot more proud of part two than part one.

Hurrah! Lookie!

I made more Saga! Heaven be praised! older new stuff. Go. Read. Now.

New! Read it!

I have created a glossary to reduce confusion about certain terms in my story. Read my glossary of terms right here! It's good if you have no idea what my stories are about, or if you just want more background information! I plan to update this later on, with Glossary Version 2.0, for Part 2.
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I have created a soundtrack, in case my novel is converted to a major motion picture someday...!(I'm a dreamer...)
This is updated!
Go here to get the Space Saga soundtrack! I tell you, finding midi files for these songs is hell so if you have/know where to get them, tell me!

Yay! I have a messageboard with lively discussions! So far three of us are posting. Join us!

If you want to see my influences and thank you(s) go to influences and thank-you(s)s Please don't send the people who influenced me hate mail; the poor writing is my own creation!

Sites that rock so much more then mine can be accessed by clicking here Don't leave my site prematurely, but once you're done here go to the sites mentioned in my new(ish) linksite!

Many of my friends are into the Final Fantasy series, and I'm a fan as well, so I have a small section devoted to this- The idea for this site came from Scylla. Click for her site of Fan Fiction! But sending her hate mail because of my stories just wouldn't make sense. The lovely backgrounds are curtosy of Amos over at the Final Fantasy HQ. He's giving a whole whack away! I have a small section devoted to RPGs (Role.Playing.Games) here. It sucks, be warned. I have other FF7 friends with sites, and they are accessed from my links section.

This is my latest obsession. Pokemon is a gameboy game, and a Television show. Think of Sailor Moon, but funnier, better, and the stories are more varied. (sorry my SM loving friends, I just can't get into it the way I'm into Pokemon) Go to my Pokemon Center to see my little fansite.

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And if you have been good and followed every link from this page (Haha! I crack me up!) then you must think I am horribly insane and must be put away for my own good. Well, not exactly but very, very close indeed. Bwah-ha-ha. Go find out more about me!

No one has asked about where I live but it is Placentia Newfoundland. Here is a view of it- a town built on a beach! It's 370 years old, windy, and foggy. I love it!

So this is the sort-of end of my site... I hope you enjoyed your visit to Explorien Central Command! Actually, this is not the exact end. Pleease use these webrings below if you liked my site. So happy!! If you have any ideas how to improve or promote my site contact me!

visitors since February 27th, 1999. AND my old site at geocities gained this many hits before I closed it.

Which means since October 23rd, 1998, I've had 1136 visits. This figure is updated manually so it's current on May 1 1999

Bookmark me now so you can return to read new chapters As They Are Written. Trust me, it is epic. Like, Robert Jordan (me? compared to him? Ha!!!) does 23rd century Fantasy. Hope you enjoy!

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