Ah, music. I love music so much... I wonder why only two alien species have it? (read my freaking story, people, if you wanna have that remark deciphered!) Well, I have assembled a type of Soundtrack for the Space Saga.... I'm trying to find .wa/.midi files for all these songs, but it's tough! I;m working, OK?

  1. Mysterons ~ by Portishead
  2. Wandering Stars ~ by Portishead
  3. I Think I'm Paranoid ~ by Garbage
  4. Army of Me ~ by Bjork
  5. Roads ~ by Portishead
  6. Hunter ~ by Bjork
  7. Strangers ~ by Portishead
  8. Push It ~ by Garbage
  9. Pluto ~ by Bjork
  10. Hammering in my Head ~ by Garbage
  11. Breathe ~ by Prodigy
  12. My Favorite Game ~ by the Cardigans
  13. Alarm Call ~by Bjork
  14. Dumb ~ by Garbage
Right-0.... now for explanations.


I just feel that this piece of music by the most excellent band Portishead captures the overall mood of my novel... this is one of the few for which a sample is available.... I hope it was attained legally. Go to Portishead's site and visit... I hope I didn't break any laws.... (eep!)

Wandering Stars

I also think this pretty well describes the feeling of the five people who were tossed out into space... the line goes "Wandering Stars.../ to whom it is reserved/ the blackness/ the darkness/ forever" because obviously they will be segregated by nessescity for the rest of their lives.

I Think I'm Paranoid

Boy, I think they wrote this one for me! This speaks for everyone in the group, who have to be paranoid to survive. Of course, they don't have to enjoy it(although I think Bantu does)

Army of Me

Well, more like an Army of six, but close enough. Bjokr is an army by herself- these six people are an entire army against a huge, malignant evil foe.... wow! I scared myself~ and a check mark for Tuesday...


I included this song, because it reminded me of Shaylor and Audua.... wait until the entire novel is here, then you'll catch my drift.


Self explanatory- these people are hunting something! "I'm the Hunter.../ I'm going Hunting.../ I'll bring back the goods.../ but I don't know when.../" Wow! All set to military violins!


Bantu's mom taught him well- he's wary of all strangers, and he needs to be! This is a short exceprt and I hope both parts of the song are featured.... If not, well then maybe this song isn't as appropriate.

Push It

Well, this song is my song of the year. How can I not include it! Seriosuly, though, it captures the hopeless anger that most of the characters are afflicted with from time to time.


Aside from the space reference, this song would be David's choice of flying music.... it rocks, espescially for flying through tight mountain canyons!

Hammering in my Head

Well, like Pluto, this is flying music. 'Hammering in my Head don't stop in the bullet train from tokyo to los angel-ees" says it all. This is the fastes song I own!


Well, I had to have some more variety of bands, right? This is a good song, that sorta makes me think of how the main characters in my story stay alive, in the situation they're in-they keep breathing.

My Favorite Game

I love this song, and it is part flying music, part commentary about the situation these people in my novel are in....

Alarm Call

Probably the happiest song... "This is an alarm call/ so wake up wake up now/" and "I want to go on a mountain top/ with a radio and good batteries/ and play a joyous tune/ to save the/ human/ race/ from suffering/" are my favorite lines.... I guess it sorta applies to the task these people have, although playing the radio on the mountain isn't gonna do it.


This is real good angrrr/ flying music.... I like it... plus it shows how I feel about all of my story- that it's so dumb and I don't know how people like it!(I;m glad you do)

OK, now you can go to stores in fifteen years and buy the thing.... if this novel becomes a rage and they make a movie... Yay!