The Hunt

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This is the second Part of the Space Saga. For anyone interested I someday want this published as a trilogy, with 4 or 5 Parts per book. Anyways, please read on (you must be very dedicated to read this far)

Chapter 31-32

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Chapter 33-35

Chapter 37-40

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ike, from the wonderful Hegemonic Command has let me post a MiSTing of his of the first chapters of the Saga. Which I agree suck. I need to rewrite them, as I wrote them when i was 12. OK, I am sorta in a creative rut, mainly because I have no idea what's gonna happen next myself. I hope X-Mas will recharge my batteries,(and it didn't) so please stay faithful, and wait for new chapters. I am writing a history of the Terran race, if my friend lets me use his idea, so if I get the green light it will be here. My Glossary is good if you want more background information. Man, this writers block is heavy!

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