I know in the past my links section has been, um, lacklustre (ok, ok, it sucked @$$) but now I have an excellent link site, to commemorate the opening of my Tripod site! assumes English accent oh Hurrah!

Signal Hill ~ An excellent site owned by my friend Scylla. Her writing is very powerful! She inspires me!

Teka's FF7 Zone ~ A visit here is garunteed to make me laugh aloud at her fics, which are written as if they're scripts. Her site is very entertaining!

Squaresoft HQ! THE single most comprehensive site dealing with Final Fantasy et al. It's a HUGE site with an amazing number of stuff to do.

KuraFire HQ Ooh, this site has it all! Fanfics, an original story (which I am partly responsible for! *faints*) and a MILLENIUM'S BEST poll! Go vote! I did!!!

The Jenova Project A very cool site with one of the greatest fanfics ever written, "Snow Feild's". (Scylla: Like you've read it all or something!) Hey, how did you get onto my site? Shoo! *ahem* Anyways, go there now!

Go here for a variety of cool things. My favorite is the "find the blue button" contest. I did it. I pushed the button. AND LOOK! I WAS DAMNED FOR ALL ETERNITY! *sobs* But don't let that stop you from finding and pushing the blue button!

This is a good site if you are into RPGs, as I am. (anything Japanese lately)

Hegemonic Command Ooh! Ooh! A MiSTing site! This place is too funny! I busted my spleen on the first visit, and have injured myself on all the others! (usually falling outta the chair... gotta stop tilting when I laugh) And, he's gonna MiST the first part of the Saga! YAY!

Ye Olde FF7 Webpage The owners has read both my Saga and the Wheel of Time series. SHE'S MY KIND OF PEOPLE! Her site is funny, espescially the "bob Saga" (must be read to be understood)

Tamerine's RPG Dungeon The best site for "twisted" fanficition. I ADORE the Chrono Trigger chats. They are SO hilarious!

Arashi's House of Fun! A site that includes Anime, Manga, Wicca, the supernatural, and *gasp* Writing! The Prologue of ehr Legends story knocked me off my feet. Go and read!

The Curse of Sophia-Roth! An interesting site which just changes the gender of all FF7 characters. I found it a little confusing at times, but than again I'm slow.

Grey Day Go here to support the fight against plagarism on the 'net! I hate plagarism! (Others: But you're saga is really just a lot of stuff rehashed together!) Shutup! Now! Why do I let you people here at all?

LYRICS HQ- CLOSED BECAUSE OF GREEDY INANE BUSINESSPEOPLE! Boy, am I mad!!! GO HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION! Do you want the 'net to just be boring corporations homepages? No! It's their first step in taking over the world and needs to be stopped!

Brian's Midi Attic Most Midis I use on this page came from here, unles it is a weird one with a "miscellaneous" origin.

IQ Test! This is an online IQ test. I first got 130, but I was tired. I waited for some weeks and took it again, and I got 142! Yay!

Team Rocket HQ "Prepare for trouble!" "Make it double!" "To protect the world from devestation!" "To unite all peoples within our nation!" "To denounce the evils of truth and love!" "To extend our reach to the stars above!" "Jessie!" "James!" "Team Rocket, Blasts off at the speed of light!" "Surrender now or prepare to fight!" "Meowth! That's right!" Have I gone insane? No, I am demonstrating my knowledge of Pokemon. If I screwed that up, I'll feel bad, so just ignore mistakes, OK?

IQ and Personality Tests online! Hey, a tonne of personality tests! I did the self-esteem on, got 54 out of one-hundred. I actually border on arrogant! Go figure!

Pokemon Picture Archive *drool* This site has so many pictures of Pokemono! Almost all the pics in my gallery were borrowed from here! The greatest Pokemon Pic archive ever!

The MidiCity! OK, I lied. More midis come from here than Brian's Attic. Sorry. BUT it is a great midi site! I found Bjork Midis, and heavan knowns how rare they are!

I tire of writting "a href" plus I'm all outta links! If you want your page here, just say so! If you wanna link to me, go ahead! I am link free- in fact, I BEG you to link to me! I'm a pathetic loser who got 800 hits when all my friends at at the 2000 + club! *waaahhhhhh* Ok.... *sniff* I'm alright.....