As you walk through the corridors of Explorien Central Command, you spot something strange up ahead.... there's a large door, with a red "P" painted on it! It's a Pokemon Center?! In the 23rd century Velex?!

You walk in, curious. Nurse Joy approaches, saying "I'm the time-travelling cousin" after seeing your bewildered look. She shepherds you further into the center...

Hello, and welcome to my Pokemon Center! I love Pokemon dearly- it is my latest obsession -and this is a place that will be dedicated to Pokemon; sort of a sub-site, if you will. First of all, you may ask What the hell is a Pokemon?! I'll tell you. First, he's a picture of the cutest and best Pokemon ever to exist (he's a good fighter, too)- Charmander!!!!! Charmander:Char!

Pokemon: Magical creatures that can be captured using a Pokeball. There are 151 known Pokemon, and many unknown. Pokemon is also an entertaining gameboy game, and an excellent anime-type television show.


On the show, Ash (the hero) has a sort of advanced Pokemon encyclopedia in a sort of tricorder (star trek) sort of fashion machine. In the game (at leats the red version) Your task is to make a pokedex by encountering and capturing Pokemon. Anyways, a Pokedex is a Pokemon Encylopedia! I'm building mine from scratch; also from the game as I play it.

Click to view the Pokedex!

My favorite Pokemon- the Gallery

You cna tell a lot about a person by who their favorite Pokemon are, you know. I'll be collecting images of my favorite Pokemon and placing them here in future. Right now, I only have faithful Charmander. I'll also be looking for Oddish, it's evolved form, Gloom, Scyther, Paras, Jigglypuff, and some others that I think are either deadly in battle, or really cute.

My meagre mind has run out of ideas...... I know that Pokemon has a huge fan base, so anyone who has wandered by here, please tell me some mroe ideas by mail me..