Hi, welcome to where you can gain what little information about myself i am willing to provide. If you frequent my site, you will notice I have redone this. This is because I was tired of having a 14 month old ME section.

Name: Michael Collins- not the astronaut or the Irish freedom fighter, (they made a movie about him called Michael Collins. You are all required to view this film)

Birthdate/Zodiac: Feb 16, 1983. I'm an Aquarius, the best sign ever, because we are friendly but brilliant, and really sociable too. (Though not noted for being humble...)

Fav Color: Dark Greens, and silvers and blacks. I also have an inordinate attraction to gray.

IQ: 142!! The Internet test lied! (this is genius level, but everyone I know scored higher then me.... wahh!)

Talents: I am a RCM Grade 9 pianist (stop snickering), won 'Best Actor' at last years Drama festival, and I like to belive I can write well. So I'm talented. Very athletic, too. (I mean, I was almost made shortstop of the school's football team.) ;-P

Things I have an inordinate attraction to: You know, there are things people just like for no reason. I like candles, and mushrooms, and also German/Swedish etc accents. (tehe!) Hmm, I also like a lot of stuph but it allk escapes my meagre mind so, belive me, my likes are weird.

Music: I adore music (good music) from the classics (Beethoven, not junky 50's music) to ultra-modern. My fav bands are Portishead, Bjork, Veruca Salt, Garbage, and I also like Esthero. Hmm, I used to be obbsessed with No Doubt, but that's outgrown. I like all music, really, aside from Country, Heavy Metal, and the aformentioned 50's music.

Place: Placentia Newfoundland Canada. (Hey, this is a short section! Will wonders never cease?!)

Stuff: Hmm, I have nothing else to say. I'm single, tall, dark hair, I wear glasses ( erg, I want contacts SO bad) my eyes are a weird grey/blue/green, and I have no self esteem. Bye!