A Glossary of Terms

Anto Klarisen-(AHN-toh KLAR-ee-sehn)
A young cadet training at Space Station Gemini to be a Weapons/Defense officer. From Velex. Best friend- David Morrison
A planet that is home to the Aravillians. About eight hundred thousand years ago it was devestated by its own inhabitants, as is chronicled in the Aravillian Holy Books. Aravil is an Explorien Planet.
Aravillian Holy Books-(AR-ah-vil-ee-ahn) Three books that chronicle the distant past of the Aravillian race. The first, Mhythios, tells of the time before the cataclysm, when the Aravillians were a male-led, war like society. The Lagada tells of that society's destruction at its own hands. The final book, Fademme, tells how the Seven Goddesses supposedly came and showed the surviving Aravillians, mainly women, how to survive in their new enviroment. These books are said to be exciting and filled with action.
Aravillian Talents- Most Aravillians have at least one of what they think are gifts from the Goddesses- the unique Aravillian talents. The most common is Prophecy, or the ability to see future events in poetic visions. Other, rarer, talents include Telepathy, Psychokenesis, and the control of the elements. As said before, Aravillians believe that these Talents are rewards for survivng the Cataclysm, but most scientists believe that they are the beneficial genetic mutations caused by the increased ultraviolet radiation that bombarded their planet long ago. All non- beneficial mutations must have long since disapeared.
The race that inhabits Aravil.(see Aravil, Aravillian Talents, Aravillian Holy Books)
Audua of Lecel-(ay-OO-doo-AH)
A young, rich, succesful Ingori businesswoman. She operates a Landing Complex in the Ingori city of Lecel.
Bantu Basha-(BAHN-too BASH-ha)
A young Krigoni cadet training to be a Computer Operations Officer at Space Station Gemini.
The Leader of the Aravillian Clan Valavan. A forceful woman with much talent for the Prophecy.
chapong and chopong-(CHA-pong, CHOH-pong)
Typical Aravillian clothing. The chapong is worn from around a strap at neck level, the chopong is worn from a similar belt.
An Aravillian beverage made from nectar, water, spices, and other, secret ingredients. It is served steaming hot. Wars have been started on Aravil over chiapemme, or the lack thereof.
There has not been a new species of aliens discovered for fifty years, the last ones being the Nu. Exploration efforts were cut short by the Vorgon War and have yet to return to previous sizes. But recently there have been rumors of new alien species that have been discovered in secret. In the wildest of these rumors, they are called the‘Chrarkae'.
Dantu Dabei-(DAN-too DAHB-igh)
One of the Explorien's rising stars, Dantu Dabei was raised from the cadets in 2225. By 2228, he was a Sentry, and in 2229 he was promoted to the rank of Centurion. A Krigoni, he was originally trained in the area of Communications.(see Explorien Rank)
David Morrison-(DAY-vid MOR-ee-son)
A young Terran cadet training at Space Station Gemini to be a Pilot. Best friend- Anto Klarisen.
Drumond Kasarien(DREW-mohnd KAH-sahr-ee-en)
A brilliant Velexian military tactitian, he served the Explorien Military for the end of the most heated periods of conflict in the Vorgon War.
Explorien Planets-(EX-plohr-ee-en)
The planets Terra, Velex, Krigon. Aravil, and Rektulak. An alliance that is held together and ruled by the Exploriens, a semi- military orginization.
Explorien Rank-
When a person wishes to become an Explorien, he or she must first take a six week ‘suitability' course, to see if he or she is suitable for service under the Exploriens. When this is complete, the person becomes a cadet, and choses an area of expertise from the six available- Piloting, Defense/Weapons, Engineering, Communications, Medicine, or Computing. After two to five years as a cadet, the person becomes a regular Explorien. If their service as an Explorien is above average, they will become a Sentry, and advise Centurions. The person may become a Centurion himself, commanding a crew of one-hundred aboard a Cruiser, usually. If their service as a Centurion is exemploaray, they will be promoted to the level of Commander, and command either a fleet of Cruisers, or a Star Cruiser. There are only forty-eight Commanders in the Exploriens presently. Very rarely, a Commander will find him or herself promoted to the High Council, the ruling council of the Exploriens. From among the High Council a High Commander is chosen, usually for life, who rules the Explorien Planets, though is often at odds with the High Council.
An orginization first formed between Velex and Terra. It was originally intended to be a police, military, and exploration orginization, but within sixty years of its formation, the Explorien High Council all-but-ruled the Explorien Planets, as the planets who give the Exploriens free sway on their surfaces.
Gha- (GA)
According to Krigoni, he was the first Krigoni, and it was he that lay down the laws of na'vo. Every person with a drop of Krigoni blood is said to have descended from him.
A very mysterious planet that is home to the Greivonners. Not much is know of the planet or its inhabitents, mainly because of the Greivonner's fierce loyalty to the Vorgon Empire.
The residents of Greivon. Not much is know about them, not even their language. They are said to have red skin and knobby foreheads.
A Velexian assassin associated with Sabrak.
A wealthy planet where trade flows between Lengrum, Aravil, Vorgana, Jagon, and Nu. Home to the Ingori, it is one half of the Lengrumi Collective Government.
The natives of Ingor, these short, slight aliens have four thumbs, two placed regularly, two others in the place of the ‘pinkie' finger. They are the best craftspeople in the known Universe. The Ingori and the Terrans are the only peoples to have developed music extensively in their culture. Other racial features of the Ingori include ridges along their eyebrows, healthy orange skin, and cat-like eyes.
Interstellar Travel-
Interstellar travel is not achieved easily in this dimension. It takes years to get to the next star system, and lifetimes to travel between inhabited planets. The way to bypass this limitation is to shift slightly out of this reality into a place called Trans-Space. Here greater speeds may be achieved without any of the inconvinient effects that would occur in this reality.
A planet home to the Jagonners. It is occupied curently by the Metaijjer army.
The natives of Jagon. While most aliens have been discovered, the Jagonners simply sent a message to Explorien High Command one day, asking ‘Do you wish to trade?' While not much is know about their culture, it is known that Jagonners live for trade, and that they are extremely unhappy that the Metaijjers have restricted their trade to Ingor.
A Lengrumi biologist who is prehaps the formost scientist of our time. She has been repremanded for unliscensed genetic experiments, however.
A Vorgon scientist who defected to the Explorien Planets fifteen years ago. His main area of research is technology, though military strategy is more then a hobby for him. He is not entirely trusted by the people he defected to.
) An Ingori scientist whose main area of study is weapons technology. He has been lectured many times for unnessecary cruelty.
A planet that is home to the Krigoni. It is an Explorien Planet.
A member of the native race of Krigon. Extremely tall aliens with pale blue skin, black eyes, and transparent hair, though their hair appears white from a distance. They follow a strange system that dictates their honor and code of behavior., and many are contemptuous of the ‘lower races' of aliens.
The Government of Metaijjeria and Jagon. Widely believed to be a dictatorship, there is a large, though secret, resistence against it, although this may be part of a plan to deceive the rest of the known Universe, as the Metaijjers often do this.
Lako Oraine-(LAH-ko OH-rain)
The current High Commander of the Exploriens, this young Velexian women was raised from the High Council in 2228 after the previous High Commander died mysteriously.
One of the largest cities on Ingor, it is of religious importance to Ingor's accient beliefs, mainly because of its proximity to "Mirror Lake".
The planet that is home to the Lengrumi. The center of the Lengrumi Collective Government.
The native race of Lengrum. They have attained what they believe to be perfection, and have had their technology at a stable level for almost a million years. Still, their technology is the most advanced in the known Universe. Frail, white skinned creatures, the are very peacful, and only act after much thought.
Lengrumi Collective Goverment-
The heavily bearucratic government of Lengrum and Ingor.
Lorol Mav-(low-RAHL MAHV)
Translated directly from Ingori, this phrase means "The House of Moderate Happiness." It is a popular hotel in the Ingori city of Lecel, one that features moderately low prices and excellent service.
The home of the Metaijjers, and the center of the Kvo'nok
The race that inhabites Metaijjeria. Sneaky and devious by nature, Metaijjers lie, cheat, and steal without thought. Short humanoids with small, sharp teeth, the Metaijjer's eyes are captivating, and they can influence a person's thoughts with an entrancing gaze.
Mirvenne of Clan Valavan(mihr-VEEN, VAL-ah-VAN)
A young Aravillian woman with much potential in the Aravillian Talents. She studies under Chavve, Leader of Clan Valavan, and is cousin to Yenne, an Explorien cadet.
The smallest amount of money in the Explorien Planets is the Unit. Ten units are worth a Credit. One hundred Credits is equal to a Crevol, commonly called a Galactic Chip, or plainly a ‘Chip'. A thousand Chips are worth a Decrementos, though this unit of money is seldom used.
Among advanced civilizations, only the Terrans and the Ingori have a culture with much weight placed on music. Amog the remaining eleven known civilizations, the Myrens, Aravillians, Nu, Vorgons, Jagonners, and the Rektullians have developed music to some small extent. The Velexians alone have absolutely no sense of music. In fact, there has yet to be a Velexian who has a sense of asthetics.
The people who enhabit the planet Myri. The Myrens move very fluidly, for many reasons. Their bones are made of cartilage, their muscle structure is like that of a snake, and they are just more flexible then any other race. Also, their eyes appear completely dead and grey, with neither pupil nor iris. Their eyes are pourous, though the holes are microscopic. When first discovered, they joined the Explorien Planets and were great allies during the Vorgon War. However, the planet of Myri was captured by Vorgon forces, and the Myren Leader thought they could do more good working for the Explorien Planets as a member of the Vorgon Empire. They are still under Vorgon control to this day.
The home of the Myrens. It is part of the Vorgon Empire.
The Krigoni principal that guides every Krigoni's daily life. Most of it is what a Krigoni would say is ‘Beyond the comprehension of other species', although it is known that a Krigoni will not show emotion in front of people he does not trust.
1) The Planet that is home to the Nu. 2)The race that inhabits Nu. The Nu are a very peculiar species of blue, rubbery bipeds. Their planet is very isolated, and their technology primative, so the Nu rarely take sides in interplanetary conflict. They are a people with a long history, although no Nu wishes to know about it. The Nu believe what has happened in the past has no relevince in the matters of the present, and think that aliens coming to dig around ancient Nu ruins are very silly.
A diplomat for the Exploriens, dealing in trade treaties, mainly. He is not trusted by his colleages.
The planet that is home to the Rektullian race. It is an Explorien planet.
A lizard-like humanoid race that inhabits the planet Rektulak. When first discovered, they were part of the Vorgon Empire, but during the course of the Vorgon War they believed themselves betrayed by the Vorgons and grudgingly asked to be accepted into the Explorien Planets for protection. They resent the very help they requested, and while they accept the benefits of being an Explorien Planet, the seldom accept the responsibilities.
A Myren assassin who is both very ambitious and very intellegent.
A Rektullian assassin who is assosciated with Havien.
An Aravillian diplomat whose main job is advising figurehead planetary rulers. Unlike most Aravillians, she enjoys their reputation of seductiveness.
Shaylor McConnor-(SHAY-lore)
A half-Terran half-Krigoni cadet who is training to be an Explorien Communications Officer on Space Station Gemini. Best friend- Yenne of Clan Valavan.
Space Stations
- As the Exploriens expanded, they needed ‘pit-stops' in desolate areas of space to serve as 'stepping stones' between planets, and built large Space Stations in between those planets. The Stations were so successful, more were built around Explorien planets and colonies, and four were constructed near the Vorgon border. Also, Stations were constructed along uncharted space, to serve as bases for exploration missions, but these are currently unnocupied as explorations efforts have decreased heavily lately.
A Myren merchant who trades between Vorgana, Ingor, Nu, and back to Vorgana.
The name given to Earth, home to the Terrans, or humans.An Explorien Planet.
The natives of Terra. A very rash, danger-loving race of aliens, they are also very musical, and their science moves ahead in leaps and bounds. The Terrans are an enigma to all, including themselves. One of the most genetically diverse species, they range from moderately short to moderatly tall, with skin from near white to black, with shades of brown and tan. Their hair can be black, brown, yellow, red, or a combination of these colors. They have a thirst for discovery and exploration unparralled by any other race.
A planet that is home to the Velexians. It is an Explorien Planet.
The native race of the planet Velex. Terrans and Velexians have been allies ever since their mutual discovery. Velexians have no religion, art, music, or literature in their culture; indeed, it seems that asthetics passes them by completely. However, the Velexians are great believers in both science and ethics, and rarely take part in wars unless pressed. They are a short people, the tallest of them being prehaps five foot eight. Their skin is normally a brown-green hue, which ranges in darkness from pale green to a deep brown. Their eyes are normally green, their hair always brown-black. They are a muscular race, prehaps the strongest mammal-like aliens. Their language is a series of hoots and grunts, but it is easily learnt and is one of the two ‘Universal' languages.(The other being Terran)
The home of the Vorgons and the center of the Vorgon Empire.
Vorgon Wars-(VOHR-gon)
The Vorgon Empire started the Vorgon Wars in 2145, only three years after their discovery. The only reason given has been translated as ‘War is good for the Economy', which must surely have a double meaning that is beyond us. Anyways, for the first three years of conflict it was an even affair, but the next ten years after that were dark ones for the Explorien Planets. With the capture of Myri and the help of Rektullians and Greivonners, the Vorgons were within inches of capturing Terra herself when the Aravillians and Rektullains joined the Explorien Planets, and the Lengrumi Collective Government allied with the Exploriens. Those next fifteen years were used for regaining lost territory, although Myri was never freed. Then hostilites died down. After twenty-eight years of bloody war, both sides just stoped fighting. Although there have been battles and skirmishes, the War is effectively long over, though neither side is willing to admit it lost and ask for peace.
Vorgon Empire-
The huge, monolithic, beaurocratic political entity known as the Vorgon Empire is a puzzle. Supposedly lead by an Empress entirely, there still exist a council with three members for each planet that also has some influence. No one understands exactly how this operates.
The native race of Vorgon. They are proud, green skinned aliens who seem both war-like and beaurocratic. Not much is known about them, aside from the fact that they seem to want to rule as many people as they can. They have a puzzling culture, and it has been said that the Terrans and Vorgons fight so often because they are so alike.
Yenne of clan Valavan-(YEEN, VAHL-ah-VAN)
A young Aravillian cadet who is training at Space Station Gemini to be an Explorien Engineering Officer. Best friend- Shaylor McConnor.