We know you like Sarah McLauchlan, so you're listening to her.

1000 hit celebration page!

Here are me, Teka, the guy form Hegemonic Command (my failing mind refuses to recall his name) and your faithful editor The Girl Without an Alias (Arilyn, etc etc etc)! We all say: Be Happy! Dance! Your website has not only survived its first 3 months, but is thriving! La la la la la la, happy happy song...

LOOK!!!! Amos of Sqauresoft Fan HQ made you a purdy button/banner! Be sure to thank him a lot!!! (I wish someone would do this for me....)

Michael: Hi Amanda and welcome to your special celebration site! 1000 hits on your site! No matter who we know you as- Scylla, Amanda, Ana Conda, whoever- we all wanted to congratulate you on 1000 hits. You've got friends!

Teka: You promised us money, Michael. Pay up... or else.(evil smile)

Michael: *gulp* wait until she's gone, OK? (ha ha ha ha.... she's joking!)(smile for the camera.... CLICK!)

Imagine a pic of a camera here...

I did find a nice line! Say 'hi!' line!

Read a review of Signal Hill!

Michael: Now wasn't that nice!!

Girl Without an Alias: NICE? I spent the past week on something NICE?!

Michael: Hooo-boy... it's espescially great when I put words in other people's mouthes...(what is the plural of mouth, anyway?) Anyways, I hear you asking "What did Michael do for me? Write a fic like Teka?"(read on!)?? Nope... I feel sorta bad but all I did was organize/ host. I wanted to find someone to make you a site logo but alas, it was not possible. Maybe 5000 hits will motivate a kind scanner possesing soul. Anyways, teka wrote you a story!

Go to your honorary fanfics!

1 0 0 0 H I T S

I hope you feel proud and happy! Use this stuff we made you. (Girl Without an Alias and Teka: WE?) Alright, that they made then. Hope this was a nice sorta surprise!
Say 'bye' line!

Line: Bye Scylla!

All: Bye Scylla!

I really like this line...