Michael: Your wond'rous editor was gonna take Teka's route and write you a fic, but instead she reveiwed your site! You know I bet there are some FF7 e-zines who would post this.... great way to get attention just that, oh.... I don't know any FF7 internet based fanzines. Oh well, surely they exist. On with the Girl Without an Alias's review of

Signal Hill!

Ah! Gratification! 1000 hits in three months! I knew you could do it girl - your stories are so good, how could you not!

For those of you who don't know, Scylla is an exceptionally talented writer, specializing in the medium - or "genre" if you will - of fanfiction; Final Fantasy VII fanfiction if you won't to get particular. The short story Her Place at the Alter is but one of the involving, inspired - and in this case touching - stories written by Scylla you will find posted on her excellent site Signal Hill.

Scylla's story ideas are as twisted as they are original; she loves to take the basic plot of Final Fantasy VII and twist it beyond recognition, with innovative changes and strange, yet wonderful new premises. All this creating a delightful whole in her highly unique, and inspired writing. Read one of any of Sclla's stories - short or long - and you'll be hooked!

Scylla's favorite characters - who she stars in her fics - are Vincent and Sephiroth; but don't be discouraged if neither is on your favorites list - is such a thing possible?!? - as Scylla vividly portrays all the cast of characters in the story (even those she's not so fond of - ha ha ha!)

Combine Scylla's excellent writing, with her selection of midis and the other appropriate sound files used on her site as theme, or background music for her stories and different pages, and you've got one hell of a site! And did I forget to mention, there's more to Signal Hill than fanfiction? Silly me!

When you check out the site - as you really must - go into the section called Quotes and you'll find a stirring bunch of "inspiring" quotes and catch phrases taken from all over, as well as a highly amusing selection of hilarious quotes! Then, of course, there's her Final Fantasy section; which contains her own breakdown of the game, a host of shrines to her four fave characters - Seph, Vince, Aeris, and Cloud - along with a section devoted to everybody's favorite group of hired assassins, The Turks; plus there is a separate section for quotes from the game, and Look Alikes and Similarities; the section that explores the amazing resemblance some of the characters bear to people and things to be found elsewhere.

It is this excellent level of quality in her writing that has attracted so many to Signal Hill and won Sylla her first 1000 hits - though few even of her fans seem to have the gumption to SIGN HER GEUSTBOOK!!!! (Just a small hint. ~_^)

So go, now, and check out Signal Hill and the wonderful stories to be found there on the site that Scylla built! (Other stories by Sylla you will find at Signal Hill are Her Place at the Alter, and The Final Betrayal - the two short stories currently posted on her site - while Peripheral Visions, and Thicker Than Water (TTW) are the two epic full length stories she is currently working on - posting them a chapter at a time.) Hurry over now, Scylla is nearly finished with posting Peripheral Visions - she will post the last four sections soon (once I am finished editing them for her) - so now is as good a time as any to check out The Hill and find out what you've been missing! Go, GO NOW!!!!!

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