Who are we? Where did we come from? How do we fit into the Wheel of Time Universe? Pertinent questions, friend, which is why I created this page!

This history, and just about everything here, is tentative!

Where in the timeline of the series do you exist?

We are set after the Last Battle. I make no claims that they way events fell out in our Tarmon Gaidon will be acurate with the books, whenever the series ends. Think of us as a world beyond a portal stone, one that is so close to reality it seems like reality. In this reality, the Light won the Last Battle, but not completely. The Shadow still exists and is veyr menancing. Society was devestaed by the Last Battle and is descending into Chaos and Anarchy. Few of the former countries still exist and the ones that do have much dimished power. So, its like the Breaking, but without the insane channelers. (In this reality, Grayce Sedai ofthe White Ajah cleaned the Taint off of saidin a few years before the Last Battle.

What is the Premise of this Roleplay?

To explain the premise, the history of the Servants of the Light must be explained. It can be traced back to the legendary Grey Tower. The Grey Tower was toppled in an earthquake, but had descended into internal strife as well. Most Grey Tower survivors formed a city called Paaran Dissen. A few rebels, including the former M'Hael of the Grey Tower, disagreed with this plan. They Grey Tower dissovled, these rebels of sorts left to form their own society, dedicated to fighting the last Battle, which was imminent.

Kobol, the old M'Hael and leader of this new troupe, held the small group together as they wandered the strife-stricken land. Finnally, the Last Battle came, and the Grey Tower refugees fought valiantly, helping the Light to defeat the Shadow. It was a very long battle, lasting several years, and many of the rebellious Grey Tower Refugees died. They faced formidable foes, but they managed to reseal the Bore. However, the Shadow still had some small influence over the World, and of course, the Shadow's minions still existed in droves. . .

New creatures of darkness join the ranks of the Trollocs and the Myrdraal in harrasing the war-weary post Tarmon Gaidon world.

The remnants of the wandering group, who slowly come to call themselves the Servants of the Light, dedicate themselves to protecting and aiding the slow rebuilding of society after the Last Battle. They travel like nomads, but have outposts in five of the remaining centers of power. They help people rebuild, protect them from minions of the Shadow and myriad lawless men alike.

What about the Ajahs?

The Ajahs must take on new roles in the post-apocalyptic world. The Blue Ajah is still dedicated to social justice. It has taken on the special task of fighting the numerous bandits in the world, and caring for both the refugees who travel with the Servants for protection as well as any unfortunate person they can find. They operate the outpost in Cairhien, and many are found in the main Travelling band.
The Green Ajah is still the Battle Ajah. Now that Tarmon Gaidon is over and done with, they are dedicated to fighting and eventually destroying the shadowspawn hordes that infest the land. They operate the outpost in the Borderlands, and also have a strong presence with the main band.
The Yellow Ajah is still concerned with Healing. During the Last Battle, the Shadow used forms of biological warfare, inflicting vicious plagues and diseases on the populace. They are dedicated to finding cures for these plagues and diseases. There is a Yellow operating a hospital in each of the five outposts of the Servants. There are some Yellows with the main Band.
The Brown Ajah is now dedicated to rebuilding society after the Last Battle. It still gathers and protects knowledge. The Brown is also concerned with educating people, in fear that continued ignorance will hinder society's recovery. The Browns operate the outpost of the Servants in Ghealdan. They also have a strong presence among the travellers.
The Gray Ajah is now dedicated to stopping wars between the weakened world powers by use of negotiation. There is a Grey in every outpost of the Servants, operating an embassy. The Greys, having to neogitate with rulers and bandits, do not spend much time with the travelling group.
The White Ajah is still dedicated to Philosophy, but they are more concerned currently with finding new ways to preserve technology and science, and use these two methods to make new things which will help society. An Ajah of Inventors as well as Theologians, the White is also concerned with examining the Last Battle for theological significance. They operate the Bandar Eban outpost and have a strong presence with the main band.
The Violet Ajah, which was called the Indigo Ajah before the Last Battle, is dedicated to using the ONe Power to rebuild society. They make many wonders of the Power, such as structures liek bridges and useful ter'angreals. They have a strong presence in the main band and run the New Caemlyn/Paaran Dissen(not decided yet) outpost of the Servants.

BLAH BLAH (ask me questions and I'll answer them here! ~ M'Hael Kobol)