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OK, this is the place where you will find shirnes to popular characters, important characters (not the same thing- my frivioulsly added characters are the popular ones) and other things, like the history of Space Saga and the History of the Space Saga universe.

David Morrison


David is one of the two main main characters (no, that's not a typo- I have main characters and I have main characters.

20 Questions

Age: 21 Years

Height:6 feet tall

Weight:170 lbs- I should have this in kilograms, but the Americans have me brainwashed.

Hair:Jet Black

Eyes:Bright Blue

Personality:David is irrational, fun loving, impatient, arrogant yet has low self-esteem. He is sort of a trickster, and likes to have a good time. Friends are important to him. He is easily offended.

Reminds people of:Mat, from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series, which I Highlyrecommend. Others have just said he was 'cool'. David doesn't remind me of anyone in particular, his character is just pieced together from so many sources.

Creation: David is a planned character- that is, he was preconceived, and is one of the most important characters to the plot. In fact, just about everything about him was preplanned. David would be one of my oldest characters, too, he was first concepted around 1995.

Friends: David is a very friendly person, despite his impatience and 'instability', which is unfortunately how most aliens view terrans. His best friend is Anto Klarisen, but he is friends with all the other people in his 'team' aside from Bantu Basha, whom he finds intensely irritating. This reaction was the only thing about David I had not planned- I just did a chapter about it on Nu to add some humor. But its power supprised even me, and i realized if 5 almost strangers were thrown out into depe space together, they would have to have some conflict, or the story would be dead.

Race:David is a Terran- a human being.



Speacility:David's a Pilot Explorien! One of the best in recent memory, too.

Evolution of Character:David Morrison was once know as David Morridin, but I decided this was too macabre and also ripped off Robert Jordan (Morridin is a guy in his books). So i named Rhendra Rhendra as a tribute instead!(see Rhendra's section)

Theme Songs:Hmm, psychologist advise us to adopt theme songs. David's would be rockin' with a strong beat, a fun song with ironic lyrics... maybe a Garbage song, or something more generic like 'Born to be Wild'.

Um... is this 20 yet?!