In this first Quarter of my site's existence, I have garnered
hits, something I am sort of proud of, although my friend's sites have done better in the same ammount of time. I have 7 faithful readers of the Saga.

On October 21 after attending a book launch of an anthology in which something I had written was published, I had met Amanda (Scylla). After checking out her site, which contained her writings, I gave a start. 'Why not put up that novel you're always rewriting on that crummy old page of yours?" And so I did, and on October 21, the Space Saga was born.

In the time since then I have gone from 0 chapters posted to 40 chapters posted. I have a guestbook, counter, mailing list, and am a memebr of three webrings at this point.

If anyone wants the hisotry of Space Saga, I started it when I was 13, when I watched too much Star Trek and Robert Jordan's "The Eye of the World" had me in its deep grip. So, the story was a blend of these two genres. The first 16 chapters were written on paper, right up to the chapter where Yenne and Shaylor talk about Shaylor's cross-bred heritage after the Chrarkae raid. Then we got a computer... I typed it out, word for word, then added up to the beginning of Part 2. However, our computer got, um, 'messed' up, and the story was lost in the process of restoring our machine to good help. I diligently retyped. beliveing 'what dosen't kill me will only make me stronger'. After recovering almost all the chapters, I lost 7 of the ones I had just written, so everything on this site is a labour of pain, and up until the work I am doing at this point it has all been done before.

Site Frills

I usually hate unnessecarily frilly sites, because people with slow modems (i.e mE) cannot access them without frustration. So I have a policy of minimum frill. However, I have slowly let extras clutter my site. I added a nice background instead of the old stark black. I added a pic of my site. I added midis, a counter, a pic of my town, and at the next oppurtunity I wil scamn the sketches (bad ones) of my characters for all to view. Space Saga now takes up 2 of my Geocities megaBytes.(the music on the main page is Deeper Underground, by Jamiroquai)

What next?

My plans for Space Saga? Invite more people onto my site. Display more of my writing, and expand that beyond the Saga. I'm planning to create 'shrines' to each character, where sketches will be placed, and info on the character, like background not mentioned in the game and how he/she was created/named will also be there. Today while driving I had the idea of purchasing my own domain name, I am sure is not taken yet, but this is only a dream. Another realistic plan of mine is to join more webrings, and to place midi files on any section with much substance. Finding midi's/ .au files for my soundtrack has been hell, and as yet I only have a handle on the "Hunter' song by Bjork, and that only a promise. The mailing list has definently NOT had the response I had hoped; as yet I am the only memeber. Also, the Saga itself my be updated; as I am going to edit during Easter. (what you can read here is a first draft)


I put my 1000 hit mark around March. By then this site will be very professional, I hope, and if I finish the first book within the year I will be starting to approch publishers with the finished product. I hope it works!! I really have to thank Amanda, because of meeting her I am having my dreams slowly be realized.

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